Do you have a hard problem to solve? Do you need a partner to help create your vision? We will work alongside you and your team to engineer a sustainable product. Through regular updates and deliveries we will provide you with constant value. Let us show you how to start delivering value to your users today.


You've already got a team working that is struggling with constant change. Do you want to see your product grow and your team build high quality features while responding to the evolving world? We don't stand back and tell your team how to work. We are practitioners who join your team and work from the inside to help build features, quality, and awesome teams.

Project Rescue

You moved very quickly to get your product to market. Now you are in a tight spot. You are up to your eyeballs in feature requests, security issues, and bugs. Velocity is slowing down and a rescue mission is needed to save your application from itself. Let us overhaul your application's architecture, build solid coding standards, and improve test coverage. We will join and train your team to take your application to the next level.


Are you ready to take your programming skills to the next level? How about your ability to get a product out the door with high quality? We've got the skills that you need to know. We will show you the secrets to TDD/BDD, Object Oriented Design, and other software practices. We don't stop at the technology. Story writing workshops and product focus training are also available. All training is customized for your team.


Places where you can hear from us around the web

This Agile Life

This Agile Life

A highly rated weekly podcast exploring Agile in the real world. Topics cover everything from management to coding.

Elixir Outlaws

Elixir Outlaws

The hallway track of the Elixir community. Weekly, the hosts of this podcast talk about topics found in the hallways of the Elixir community's conferences.

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