13 December 2019

Connor Rigby Joins Binary Noggin

Binary Noggin would like to welcome Connor Rigby to the team.  Connor works in embedded Linux, specializing in Elixir as part of the Nerves core

21 August 2019

Doodling: Major Distraction or the Key to Success?

You’re sitting in a meeting, trying to focus as the product owner explains to your team exactly what it is your supposed to be

22 July 2019

From Novice to Expert in Five Easy Steps

So you want to pick up a new hobby. Or maybe you want to learn a new skill to put on your resume. Or perhaps

15 July 2019

Choose Your Ideas Wisely, Mental Cartographer

You have a thousand different options for brainstorming.  You could make a traditional outline, start doodling, call your aunt and see if she has any

19 June 2019

A Great Cast of Characters

I realized​ that a team is based on a set of characters that mix well and challenge each other. Books, movies, and comics have a plethora of personalities that we can draw from.

24 May 2019

Stages of Team Development

Why on earth does it take so long for the team to get to a point where it’s actually productive? You’ve gathered all the right people and you have an end goal, so it seems like the team should take off right from the start.

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