Distributed Systems, Embedded Systems, Test Driven Development, Elixir, Erlang, Ruby, Rails, Nerves, Functional Programming, Agile Software Development, Pair Programming, Team Augmentation, Extreme Programming, Kanban, Lean

Who We Are

Binary Noggin is a small software development company based in Kansas City, MO, USA. We have been building ingenious products, writing quality code, and creating more effective teams since 2013. As a company, we practice Agile methodologies when coding on both in-house and client projects. We have seen time and again that Agile processes result in superior products. Our ability to consistently deliver superior results for clients is also a direct result of open communication and trust being integral parts of our company culture. The types of projects we work on vary in length and breadth based on our clients' industry, project scope, and needs; our employees are at ease both working on "greenfield" projects and integrating into existing teams and projects.

Who We Need

Our ideal candidate looks something like this:

  • Experience with Ruby and Elixir strongly preferred but not required to apply
  • A love of solving problems and developing innovative technology
  • A belief that thinking is greater than typing
  • Comfortable working collaboratively
  • Willingness to embrace agile coding methodologies:
  • Loves pair programming and wants to do it all the time
  • Test driven development makes you smile
  • A core belief that how you treat people matters
  • Mid level development experience preferred
  • Must be a United States resident

We Offer

  • Competitive pay based on professional experience
  • Remote work or access to a co-working space if you are in the Kansas City Metro
  • Noggin Days: One company-wide workday each week that is devoted to pursuing professional development and personally fulfilling projects outside of normal work duties
  • A high trust, people first organizational culture

How to Apply

Binary Noggin is currently looking for excellent software developers. If you think you would be a good fit for our company, email your resume​.​ Along with a cover letter or personal introductory email, please include samples of your professional expertise if you have them (​ links to past projects, personal websites, blogs, code samples, professional social media accounts, etc).