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binary noggin software engineering team

About Us

Founded in 2007, Binary Noggin is a team of software engineers and architects focused on building technically superior products. We use our expertise in Elixir, Ruby, Phoenix, Nerves and other open source technologies to develop sustainable solutions. Binary Noggin uses Agile methodologies to test each iteration and introduce strategies that make the software development process more effective for your company’s long-term success.

Meet the Team

We’re a team of lifelong learners and creative thinkers dedicated to helping our clients succeed through collaboration.

Amos King, CEO

Founder and CEO Amos King is an Agile practitioner who loves writing great code and helping others develop ingenious solutions across a broad range of verticals. A leading expert in emerging software languages, Amos approaches every project with curiosity and a collaborative mindset. As champion of Binary Noggin’s culture, Amos fosters integrity, trust and continual growth internally and among clients.

A frequent speaker at conferences like ElixirConf and Lonestar Elixir, Amos also co-hosts the popular podcasts, Elixir Outlaws and This Agile Life. In his free time, he’s active in the Elixir community as a mentor, meetup organizer and book reviewer.

Connor Rigby, Software Engineer

Connor is a software engineer with a decade of experience and a strong aversion to wearing socks. A core contributor to the Nerves and NervesHub projects and co-creator of Bakeware, he’s a firm believer that the Beam should run anywhere, especially on embedded “edge” devices.

Connor presents at national conferences, showcasing his work on embedded systems.

When he’s not programming the next innovative software, you can find Connor playing video games, experimenting with his 3D printer or designing systems for stock cars.

Chad Fennell, Software Engineer

As a software developer, nothing makes Chad happier than creating resilient, fault-resistant software. A former medical librarian and full stack developer at the University of Minnesota, Chad’s work has helped everyone from bioethicists to agricultural economists to sports fans. He also initiated the first-ever usability test of the content management system, Drupal.

When’s he not perfecting his programming skills, Chad enjoys rock climbing, cross-country skiing, hiking and camping with his wife, Rita.

Carolyn Tragasz, Administrative Assistant 

Carolyn wears many hats as the administrative assistant for Binary Noggin. From scheduling meetings to facilitating team retrospectives, Carolyn keeps the project pipeline moving with her creative thinking and enthusiasm for helping others. Carolyn earned a degree in liberal studies from Park University in 2012 and uses her organizational communication skills to manage day-to-day logistics.

When she’s not at work, Carolyn enjoys board games and Ultimate Frisbee. She is also active in the Effective Altruism movement and volunteers as part of the leadership team for Eco-Village Enthusiasts of Kansas City, a local Meetup group.

We’re on a mission to build sustainable software in collaboration with our clients, fostering long-term competence and success. Want to join us?