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Elixir Outlaws

Elixir Outlaws is an informal discussion about interesting things happening in Elixir. Our goal is to capture the spirit of a conference hallway discussion in a podcast.

Conference Speeches
& Presentations

Brittle Acceptance Tests got you Down?

Amos discusses the benefits of declarative testing with Wallaby and writing tests to improve user experience at ElixirConf 2021.

Wrapping up BEAM Magic on Elixir Wizards

In the final episode of the season — that was inspired by one of his tweets — Amos discusses his journey with Binary Noggin and his thoughts on the relationship between magic and understanding.

Amos King on MUDs, Architecture, Domain-driven design, and Military Bases

Amos and the Elixir Wizards cover a variety of topics including application architecture, bitmasks, Elixir resources, MUDs and much more.

In the Zoom Where it Happens

Amos chats with hosts Katie and Brandon about the importance of communication and working as a team, working on a submarine and his goals for 2021.

Why Community Matters

Amos discusses why community matters and his support for the Lonestar Elixir 2020 conference.

Outlaws Don’t Have Abstracts

Join Amos, Anna and Chris for a live Elixir Outlaws podcast episode at ElixirConf EU 2020.

Nerves and Farmbot

Connor answers the Elixir Mix podcast panel’s questions about Farmbot and his experience with the Nerves framework.

Hardware without Hardware and Lightning without Lightning

Amos explains how to overcome the tedious task of creating hardware and does a live test of his lightning detector.

Using Code to Help People

Amos joins KC Business Huddle to talk about his career, Binary Noggin, and the challenges he has encountered in business.

Wild Wild West

Amos, Chris Keathley and Anna Neyzberg host a live episode of Elixir Outlaws at Code Beam V.

All a Flutter over NIFs and Ports

Connor speaks with the Thinking Elixir podcast crew about his recent Flutter work for the Nerves framework and gives his perspective on NIFs.

Programmer Passport: Elixir Nerves

Amos and Connor chat with Groxio founder Bruce Tate about their upcoming projects and plans for Elixir Nerves.

Phoenix Live Heron

Connor joins the Elixir Mix podcast panel to talk about the new Blue Heron library and his tool, Bakeware.

Thinking is Greater than Typing

Amos discusses the different modes of thinking and how to use them to come up with your next great idea.

Functional Farming with Nerves

Connor explains how he wrote the code for Farmbot in Elixir with Nerves in under a year and demonstrates the integration of NervesHub to maintain the fleet of deployed devices.

Live Like a Hippie

What does it mean to be a hippie? Amos talks about living free of constraints and making your own materials.