Our Capabilities

We use open source software to build scalable solutions that help your project grow


Connecting faster

We live in a very connected world—even our devices are communicating. Elixir is the fastest, most reliable programming language for network communication and distributed systems, making it the ideal solution for projects in a multitude of industries.

We use our expertise in Elixir to build low-latency, scalable and fault-tolerant systems to keep your application running nonstop. From software to hardware and everything in between, we can take your project to the next level.


Hardware doesn’t have to be difficult

Our team of experts will help you make your hardware and embedded devices faster, simplify maintenance and prevent downtime. From home automation devices to navigation equipment, we use the Nerves framework to ensure your devices are just as connected as your web server.


Faster applications from the BEAM

Using the Phoenix framework can make your Elixir-based applications even faster and more efficient. Our team can help build highly scalable applications and distributed or embedded software for any industry. Save time with fewer servers, faster testing and long-term maintenance solutions.


Building better software

Already have an established application? Our expertise in Ruby on Rails can increase development speed and simplify prototyping and changes. We use this popular and flexible framework to create innovative, flexible and scalable solutions for any industry.

Not sure which is the best solution? Our team can help!

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