Binary Noggin is working hard to widen the accessibility of technology. We create and promote transcripts for the Elixir Outlaws podcast so that the podcast can be made available to those who have trouble hearing or listening.

Binary Noggin CEO and Elixir Outlaws podcast host, Amos King, says, “Diversity is essential in continuing to bring new ideas to software development. Accessibility is an often missed, critical component in diversification.”

With roughly fifteen percent of American adults experiencing some form of hearing loss, these transcripts lend themselves to opening the doors of the podcast to a broader audience and help make technology as a whole more inclusive.

Between contributing to making technology more accessible and sponsoring conferences such as Lonestar Elixir and GigCity Elixir, Binary Noggin is working hard to open the doors of the community to more and more people. You can start reading the currently completed transcripts beginning with the first episode of Elixir Outlaws.

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