We have been sponsoring events in the Elixir community for the last two years. It started with a small sponsorship of ElixirDaze in 2018 and then GigCity Elixir this year. Today, we are proud to announce our sponsorship of Lonestar Elixir.

Over the last two years, Bruce and Maggie Tate have built GigCity Elixir into a community force. GigCity Elixir brings thought-provoking talks from speakers inside and outside of the Elixir Community. Although the presentations are amazing, the hallmark of GigCity is the dedication to an inclusive community. We are proud to be a part of expanding these values to Lonestar Elixir.

Please join us in Austin, Texas for Lonestar Elixir 18-27 February 2020. Together we are better, smarter and stronger.

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