Elixir Outlaws Podcast

Elixir Outlaws is an informal discussion about interesting things happening in Elixir. Our goal is to capture the spirit of a conference hallway discussion in a podcast.

Episode 90: Ad Hoc-ly Specified

After confirming that there is indeed a Kansas City, Missouri, the Outlaws discuss Amos’ new projects using Phoenix and some LiveView, then opine about CSS, Wallaby, and testing, before closing with brief commentary on Nx.

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Episode 89: The New-New Architecture

Chris skipped his normal pre-podcast prep and is trying to make up for it. Amos wants to know more about what Chris does to prep; a topic which is interesting to literally no one. Quotes are misattributed as the hosts turn to the main topic of the week: What makes for good design? Chris claims to have a specific design sense but has no idea if its a good sense or not. Both he and Amos agree that consistency is important and that software developers should always be working to making the design of a system better.

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Episode 88: Make it Pop!

The Outlaws discuss Mnesia and all of the ways that it’s possible to “break it”. Chris and Amos discuss why Mnesia has a bad reputation, where it is a good fit, and how to mitigate some of the issues. Chris has recently become the owner of a 3D printer and he agrees with everyone else: 3D printing is really cool.

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Episode 87: All Benefits and No Tradeoffs

This week kicks off with a discussion of Amos’ reading list. Soon, the Outlaws speculate about the Elixir benchmarks José Valim has been teasing. Chris explains his frustration with “modern infrastructure” and programmers choosing complex solutions they don’t need.

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Episode 86: Time is Problematic

Chris has been drawing maps for his Dungeons and Dragons game, and he’s pretty proud of them. Amos is trying to order events and has questions about hybrid logical clocks, leading to a discussion of what ordering even is and why it’s such a problem in distributed systems.

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Episode 85: Showin’ Up and Sayin’ Words

Chris has introduced Amos to Japandroids, resulting in discussion about embarrassing punk music. Chris is thirsty for some Elixir news, and Amos wants to know how Chris gets things done. The guys discuss how they cultivate their personal skill sets, how they’re both bad mentors, and how to read white papers. Chris teases his latest project, which may or may not ever be seen by other people.

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Episode 82: Rapid is Relative

This week kicks off with a large dose of 2020 ennui. Chris recommends that they move on rapidly since no one wants to listen to complaints about the state of the world. It turns out that Chris is currently using LiveView. The consensus is that LiveView is pretty cool even though it took 4 hours to get a modal to work.

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