Elixir Outlaws Podcast

Elixir Outlaws is an informal discussion about interesting things happening in Elixir. Our goal is to capture the spirit of a conference hallway discussion in a podcast.

Episode 81: That’s Not Math

Anna has a new espresso machine and both Chris and Amos are very jealous. Chris wonders how Anna is going to make good coffee without someone judging her. Amos is hiring employees and wants advice on how to conduct better interviews.

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Episode 80: The Ish is What Matters

This week starts with a discussion of Dungeons and Dragons and how great it is. Amos and Chris agree that roll20 is janky, but – like emacs – it’s lovably janky.

The main discussion is about modeling problems using data structures instead of processes. The guys agree that manipulating data with pure functions is a good thing and that the tricky part is where to put this data when you’re done. Chris cautions against the desire to put all of your data into a single global process. Databases are sucky global variables, but at least they’re global variables with rules.

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Episode 79: Providing Value

Chris and Amos discuss contracting and how it’s different than working for a product company (beyond the obvious tax implications). Chris believes product companies only pay contractors when they absolutely have to. The main topic this week is software quality, if it’s a real thing, and if it so, how do we get more of it?

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Episode 78: Strategically Planned Coffees

Chris solicits feedback from the other hosts on his notion that business logic isn’t a “real thing,” Anna and Amos discuss the degree to which Chris might be a pedant. The show wraps up with a discussion on how to change the way programmers can grow and think differently about problems.

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Episode 74: A Tale as Old as Time

Chris recently replaced some Ruby with some Elixir. The guys discuss what it takes to rewrite a service, why Elixir is a good choice when you need to do more than one thing at a time, and the benefit of choosing tools that your team understands.

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Episode 73: A Very Forgetful God

Amos and Chris chat about when to use telemetry instead of sending metrics directly from an app code, leading to a discussion on how Bleacher Report uses telemetry, some established conventions, and how those conventions may be changing.

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