Emphasizing efficient and effective development to deliver on a tight deadline

Who Is AdPipe?

AdPipe is a digital platform that uses artificial intelligence to create new marketing videos through a database of existing content. AdPipe’s platform repurposes content that marketers have already spent their time and money making to maximize the value of their work. The platform develops marketing video content of all kinds and formats, including email marketing, paid media, social media, and organic media.


AdPipe faced a quick turnaround time to develop the platform. With a product launch set for an industry event within two months, the company required additional development assistance. Their main considerations when vetting candidates for the deadline-driven project were time efficiency, product quality, internal alignment with an existing team, and potential for future investment in the platform.


The Binary Noggin team integrated with the AdPipe team to facilitate a discovery period and immediately began providing solutions and development to the AdPipe team and platform.

Services Provided

  • Back- and front-end software development from ideation to launch
  • In-house development team
  • Internal agile methodology facilitation
  • Continued development retainer

Timeline of Services


Early August 2022

Began services


Mid-September 2022

Delivered general availability product


September 2022

Continued to develop and polish existing platform


Late September 2022

AdPipe launched the product at an industry convention


October 2022-Present

Retainer development and polishing services

"The Binary Noggin developers were embedded in our team from day one. There was very minimal context catch-up because everyone bought into our goals and vision. They gave our leaders the ability to hand off the project and focus on other important needs when launching our start-up business.”

- Amy Hawman, Senior Product Manager, AdPipe

Metrics for Success

AdPipe client feedback for the platform has been overwhelmingly positive. When introduced at the conference, the audience was eager to explore the platform right away. The customer audience isn't worried about the complexity of the code, they just care that it's easy to use and allows them to maximize their owned content.

"Binary Noggin only develops premium products. For us, this was an investment in our business so we can realize the return of a top-of-the-line product. At the end of the day, the return on our investment with Binary Noggin is worth it so we can meet our deadlines and accomplish our goals.”

- Andrew Levy, Founder, AdPipe

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