Delivering a premium software solution to make a business idea a reality

Who Is Billy?

Billy is a construction and workplace safety insurance provider offering software as a service to make obtaining and understanding construction insurance easier. Its software enables contractors and homebuilders to achieve state and federal compliance, compile documentation, and track coverage.

Through its platforms, Billy delivers certificates of insurance and uses documentation to educate subcontractors about coverage needs. Billy also provides coverage consulting to educate clients on when they have too much or too little coverage, when they have incorrect coverage, when and how to renew coverage, and what coverage would be recommended for different scenarios.


Billy began as an idea after talking with contractors and construction teams, but unfortunately, Billy did not have a software or engineering team in-house. To build the platform necessary to achieve its business plan, Billy needed a strong partner with experienced engineers and leadership from the start. Therefore, the team partnered with Binary Noggin to help build the platform from the ground up.

Services Provided

  • Conducted initial discovery to determine solutions
  • Developed an integrated team to build and develop the core software offerings
  • Built proprietary software to deliver to Billy’s clients
  • Continued support, discovery, and engineering work to mature the software

“At the height of our collaboration, you wouldn’t be able to tell who was a Billy or Binary Noggin employee. They felt more like valued team members than outsourced IT consulting.” - Geoff Arnold, Chief Technology Officer, Billy

Timeline of Services


March 2021

Discovery, strategy, and engineering team creation


July 2021

First live customer launch


August 2021 to July 2022

Continued evolution of software


August 2022

Final variation of matured software product delivered


November 2022

Retrofit integration with Procore

Unique Partnership Approach

Binary Noggin approached this partnership by embedding engineers directly with the Billy team as consultants rather than contractors. Both parties were able to work side-by-side to determine the best solutions and adapt the technology, allowing Billy’s team to grow and develop right along with the software. Binary Noggin also compiled comprehensive documentation ongoing to help ensure Billy could maintain and update the software as needed in-house. This documentation included onboarding, definitions, help guides, and future planning ideations such as an exploration into additional functionalities the Billy team might want to pursue.

"We can sell our product as-is without having to promise new things in the future, but software is never done. Even with this top-notch software, the Binary Noggin team left us with all the tools and documentation to continue to our product.” - Geoff Arnold, Chief Technology Officer, Billy


Metrics for Success

month turn time from no customers to first launch

new customers served in under 2 years

customers in the ENR 400 largest builders in the U.S.

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