Consulting services leads to increased technical reliability and scalability

Who Is Classly?

Classly provides class scheduling software to businesses offering in-person teaching sessions. Their clients include mainly pottery, martial arts and yoga studios. These businesses typically have rolling class openings with consistent traffic to the scheduling pages. Classly's software is customized for each of their clients. Their team works with clients to determine what custom features they need for their software solution.


As Classly worked to build new services, fine tune their product and build a technical infrastructure set up to aggressively scale, the team ran into complicated engineering issues using the Elixir programming language. The small team at Classly needed strategic consulting and problem-solving services to help get past their programming roadblocks and improve their product offering.


Classly hired Binary Noggin on a consulting retainer to address their challenges. Classly presented the challenges, previous work and client knowledge, and the Binary Noggin consulting team provided feedback and guidance to resolve the issue. Through their consulting services, the Binary Noggin team guided Classly's development team to create a more reliable and scalable product. 

Services Provided

  • Technical Consulting
  • Wholistic Engineering Team Consulting
  • Product Development Leadership

Timeline of Services


September 2022

Began consulting discovery period


October-November 2022

Strategic consulting to improve technical product infrastructure



Continued consultation retainer to address new issues and product features

Unique Two Heads Consulting Approach

Binary Noggin's Two Heads Consulting service for product development allowed Classly to improve the reliability and scalability of their product and make meaningful changes to their typical procedure and problem-solving exercises. Through consulting services Binary Noggin made recommendations to edge that the Classly team wouldn't have worked through in a traditional product development engagement. 

"Amos and the whole team at Binary Noggin brought a wealth of previous experience to show us new efficient engineering solutions. That technical knowledge allows us to build confidence in the backend scalability of our product.”

- Chase Wang, Co-Founder, Classly

"A common complaint we hear from our clients is there are so many scheduling solutions on the market, but all of them seem to have something broken. Through our consulting with Binary Noggin, we have dramatically increased our technical reliability while keeping flexible elements for our different client needs.”

- Eliel Gordon, Co-Founder, Classly

Metrics for Success

  • Increased product technical reliability and scalability
  • Increased potential for future productization
  • Decrease in client complaints
  • Decrease in customer service calls

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