Hiring a consultant is a significant commitment, often spanning months or even years depending on the project at hand, but how do you start your search for such a crucial and long-term partnership? Ask yourself and those within your company the following questions before and during your search.

  • What specialties does your project require?

    It will be much easier to narrow down the field of potential consultancies once you identify specialties and technologies that can support your project. A specialized software development consultancy will be able to execute the project efficiently, troubleshoot potential challenges, and develop a scalable end product that will grow with your company.

  • What does a good fit mean for you and your company?

    Consider your unique team and project before diving into your software consultancy search. Identify honestly what qualities you value above and beyond technical capabilities. Do you appreciate frank honesty, a team rooted in research-based methods, or availability for collaboration? The team you choose will be a part of your company for a long period of time, and it is vital that the partnership be secure. Decide what criteria a consultancy must have, and wait for the consultancy that meets your standards and needs. 

  • What is the software development consultancy's reputation in the community?

    Vetting a potential software development partner can be difficult, but it is vital for the success of any project. Do your homework. Ask for references, understand the consultancy’s project background, and dig into the company’s activity within the developer community. Start with an internet search for Slack communities in your identified technologies. Consultants that participate in communities are likely to find and hire the best developers in those communities. The consultancy also has access to feedback on their ideas because there is a broad audience to vet them. Those ideas get brought into your codebase and help it remain healthy.

  • Do you feel confident in the software development consultancy?

    The pillar of every partnership, personal or professional, is trust. Do you trust the software developers within the consultancy you are considering? If a project kicks off without trust, it will be difficult for everyone to execute their work effectively and efficiently. Even if you can’t articulate the why, if you do not feel trust in any individuals within a consultancy, it is better to continue your search.

  • When discussing the potential project, are we on the same page?

    Make sure the messages you are conveying are being repeated back to you. When having conversations with software development consultant candidates, you want to know they understand your goals and mission. A seamless flow of communication should continue from the hiring process to the actual project execution, so ask questions that verify you are being heard. Do not hesitate to ask a potential consultancy if there is any aspect of your project they cannot do.

  • Does the software development consultancy ask probing questions to learn more about the project?

    Questions are valuable when looking for a partner, and they should come from both you and the potential consultancy. A successful meeting will become a conversation with insightful questions about real-world implications and user perspectives. You must be able to get beyond simply the technical capabilities of a software development team to discuss the heart of your business objectives for the project. A consultancy with your long-term success in mind will be a valuable partner.

  • Does the software development consultancy seem excited about the project?

    When considering a software development consultant for your company, look for one who is genuinely excited about your project or product. Suppose a consultant not only asks probing questions but also starts dreaming with you about how your project or product could function in the future. In that case, you can be confident that the partnership will be compatible and mutually beneficial.

Move Forward With Confidence

Arming yourself and your team with these questions will help hone your search for a software development consultant that genuinely meets your needs.

No matter the stage of your search, consider Binary Noggin’s team of experienced and agile software engineers. Contact us to start a conversation today.

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