It’s incredibly difficult to hire qualified software developers and software engineers. That unfortunate fact has been true for several years now, exacerbated by the pandemic and a volatile job market.

According to Enterprise Talk, the year 2021 has been labeled the “Great Developer Drought” — fueled by an all-time-high demand for digital initiatives and a talent pool that simply couldn’t meet the need. These two challenges have already extended into 2022, putting progress, projects, and profitability at risk.

Understanding the Benefits of Hiring a Software Development Company 

Companies are struggling to start new projects and build internal software development teams. Software development companies like Binary Noggin can fill the gap and add value in many ways.

  • Gain access to a diverse and experienced team

    The skillsets and specialties of software developers and engineers vary widely. Software consultancies eliminate guesswork by carefully pairing the strengths of each engineer with a project's specific needs. Partnering with a software development company unlocks access to diverse capabilities for project work. Companies gain assistance in vetting applications and interviewing permanent candidates.

  • Reduce the immediate burden of hiring

    More often than not, companies are hiring with specific, current projects in mind. This immediate and narrowly focused urgency can lead to the selection of individuals who do not fit a company’s culture or team dynamic. Software development consultancies offer companies the opportunity to secure the specific expertise needed for a present need while still searching for the right, long-term fit for in-house teams.

  • Secure a fully functional team on day one

    Onboarding new employees is a lengthy and expensive process as individuals learn how to work effectively as a team and become familiar with the projects at hand. Contrastingly, software development consultancies that offer embedded team members allow companies to hire a team of experts that already have experience working together.

  • Streamline knowledge transfer during project handoff

    Another benefit specific to the embedded team member approach of software development consultancies, like Binary Noggin, is the effective elimination of knowledge gaps when projects come to a close. Consultants who are not part of the entire project process can deliver a quality product. However, the company’s team might not know how to maintain it or scale it long-term. Having an embedded member of a project team from concept to completion helps ensure the entire team shares the same knowledge base and training.

Exploring the Binary Noggin Difference

While not immune to the current hiring challenges throughout the industry, Binary Noggin has found success in growing our team of lifelong learners and creative thinkers. With a collaborative culture and expertise that’s well-known within the developer community, we have doubled our current headcount in 2022 alone — a pace we intend to maintain in order to continue serving client demand.

If you are experiencing difficulties hiring and need access to software engineers trained to function as an extension of your team, contact our team today. We are here to help.

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