If you know anything about Binary Noggin, know that we are a very people-oriented company. It's how we do things and, more importantly, why we do things. We aim to create effective engineering processes for the software and the team. 

Although our team of engineers is scattered across the country, we work side by side through websites like Toucan and Google Meets to allow for collaboration in day-to-day operations. Why do we work this way? Because two heads are better than one! Hear from our team on why collaboration is essential in software development.

Seeing Every Angle to Reduce Surprises. 

Collaboration between all parties is essential in software development, not only with the technology teams but also with stakeholders and end-users. People think differently, and that is a good thing. Collaboration opens up the ability to create resilient software and reduce surprises. Use this to your advantage. — John Cotton, Software Engineer

Enhancing Software and the Teams That Create It.

There are many benefits to collaboration within software development. When multiple people are working on a project, we get the advantage of shared knowledge and a chance to keep each other on track. A pair of software developers have an opportunity to slow each other down and run tests on assumptions made. If the assumptions are untrue, they can avoid building code around those invalid assumptions. We get to check that process more thoroughly and more often through collaboration. The project may take a little longer, or it might not, but either way, the result is code that is more robust, more stable, and less buggy.

Collaboration benefits the team as well as the software. We have to learn how to communicate with each other. Otherwise, one person is doing all the work while the other follows along behind throughout the pairing session. An uneven pairing session does happen sometimes, but we still get the opportunity to learn to understand, communicate, and build empathy and trust with each other while we're working. These are byproducts of sitting people down and working on a project together. It is a helpful experience to borrow knowledge from each other and challenge preconceived notions about a given thing. — Matt Hall, Software Engineer 

Increasing Efficiencies Through Pair Programming.

This question immediately makes me think of pair programming, which is an awesome way to collaborate in software development. I like pair programming because there are two or more people sharing a keyboard, monitor, and microphone while working on a task. Having all these devices shared allows for real-time collaboration as if you were sitting beside the others pairing. Among other benefits, the pair can work through a task very quickly since there isn't a need to chat outside of the current pair. Pairing also helps with team building and knowledge transfer/sharing. — Johnny Otsuka, Software Engineer

Collaboration helps ensure that successful outcomes are firmly rooted and vetted by people with varying degrees of expertise and experience. Our team has decades of experience and a willingness to push the boundaries of development to make more sustainable software for a technology-driven world. Collaboration keeps the innovation and momentum going. Interested in what would happen if you collaborated with us? Reach out! Let's have a conversation!


Founded in 2007, Binary Noggin is a team of software engineers who serve as a trusted extension of your team, helping your company succeed through collaboration. We forge customizable solutions using Agile methodologies and our mastery of Elixir, Ruby and other open-source technologies. Share your ideas with us on Facebook and Twitter.

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