"Binary Noggin brings a fresh and energetic approach to problem solvin and team development.  They are very professional and care about providing quality software.  Their experience and knowledge now only produce solid software solutions, but they also try to find ways to develope those around them.  Working with Binary Noggin was an amazing experience and vital to our project's overall success." - Matt Ludwig, SmartRent

“Binary Noggin provided a tremendous return on our investment. Between the quality code and the hands-on coaching they provided to our team the only way to describe Binary Noggin is top-notch. Always engaged and striving for excellence, they are a tide that raises all ships and an invaluable partner in Agile software development.” - Cameron Kurth, Product Owner, Toyota Connected

"We worked with Binary Noggin for about 18 months at Schneider Electric.  They were a huge asset to our team, and among many things, are very knowledgeable in the fields of Elixit, Git and good programming practices.  They were very diligent about their work, and were also excellent at helping others with theirs, when it was needed.  It was a pleasure to work with Binary Noggin, and I hope I get to do so again in the future." - Alan Jackson, Software Engineer, Schneider Electric
"I hired Binary Noggin while at Liaison International to improve the scale of our flagship Admissions SaaS product and for staff augmentation services.  Amos provided fresh ideas on adopting gile practices, which helped the team double velocity, improve test coverage, and improve code quality.  Additionally, they contributed platform updates that improved performance, scale, and reliability.  Binary Noggin is a highly knowledgeable team for Ruby on Rails platforms.  They helped us a lot and I recommend them." - John Rasku, Director Applicaiton Development, Liaison